I will slay every last demon until my dying breath.


Deliah Kasprost, Silverstar of Selûne, is a tormented soul who tries very hard not to let it destroy her. Although now in her thirties, she has the maturity of a younger person, due to having lost over a decade of her life.

When she was 15, Del was engaged to marry a young sailor from her home city of Lyrabar (capital of Impiltur). She went to bed the night of her betrothal with a smile on her face and a song in her heart. When she woke up, she was 27 years old, spellscarred, and laying in a convent of Selune in the Moonshae Isle, recovering from severe injuries and dehydration. The spellscar appears to be fairly old, maybe 8 years or so.

Del has no memory of the missing 12 years, only vague, nightmarish hints of what may have happened. From the priestesses at the temple, she learned that she was brought in, raving and possessed by a demonic entity, having spread terror and bloodshed wherever she had traveled. A pair of adventurers— star-bound warlocks experienced in possession— captured her and turned her over to the local priests for care and recovery.

Del’s tormented past has given her a reason to return to Impiltur and hunt demons to their extinction. To Del, they are nothing but a plague send from the Abyss and they must be stopped. It is no coincidence that she awoke in the gentle arms of the goddess of light and the moon. Although Selune’s followers find lycanthropy to be anathema, Del knows that all good gods fear and despise demons, and it is her sworn and sacred honor to destroy them.


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