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Session 3: The Hills Have Eyes

The party encountered a ghaleb-dhur, who was neutral or friendly, depending on the party’s demeanor. The sentient rock being asked the party to find his humanoid friend, who has been kidnapped for reasons unknown by the dwarves.

On the way, they ambushed a drow encampment with spiders. Upon obliterating the drow, they learned much about the drow’s interest in the area and in the dwarves.

Rewards: 350 XP, 30 gp, and a magical treasure.

Session 2: Across the River

The PCs question Jakairn Sabrak, a crazed dwarf responsible for the plague in Easting. They set off to find the temple to That Which Lurks (Ghaunadaur), where the Sabrak clan is gathering forces. On the way, they are attacked by a troop of Sabrak dwarves and a couple of elementals, making crossing the river difficult and costly. They pay dearly in blood… of their foes!

Rewards: 400 XP, 25 gp each, including a symbolic pendant with an eye and a left-handed spiral. Similar to the symbol for Ghaunadaur, but somewhat altered. Also a magic item of some type.

Session 1: Outbreak

The heroes arrive in Easting, where an outbreak of Abyssal Plague has occurred. The town priest, Father Evendur, and a Purple Knight of Cormyr named Sir Arveen, are in the midst of an argument about what to do with the infected in the barn. Now infected herself, Sir Arveen wants to slay the infected, then herself, to prevent the spread of the disease. Meanwhile, Father Evendur urges patience and mercy, since half of the infected are sure to recover.

The party enters the barn, where they are immediately attacked by some chaos lasher demons and a dwarf who surrenders at the first sign of real force from the heroes.

Rewards: 250 XP, 50 gp at the start of the adventure, a magic item, and one or more healing potions.

Session 0: The Heroes are Born
Character Creation Night

In Session 0, the heroes are created.

So far, we have:
A witch, a wizard, and a scout continuing from season 7

A table of 4 warforged and an artificer
An axe-wielding ranger
A dragonborn paladin of Melora

At the DM’s table, there’s an invoker of Selune, a thief, a scout ranger, a skald, and a warden.


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